Saturday, May 25, 2013

NZ Music Month - The Grand Finale

The month of May is not over yet, but my collection of NZ music has all been listened to, and thus it is time to move back into the alphabet.

To conclude, I shall share a few music videos from YouTube from NZ bands:

3Ds - Hey Seuss (1994)
This Dunedin 3-piece formed in 1988, releasing 4 albums before disbanding in 1997, then reforming briefly some 10 years later. The name comes because all3 of the members had names starting with "D". They later took on a fourth member, also starting with D but did not change their name to the 4Ds.
This song is a homage to Dr Seuss, and is fun and funky. Also highly irritating when it is top of your playlist and thus played everytime you open up your audio library and it's not set to random. 

Greg Johnson Set - Isabelle (1991)
Greg Johnson left NZ in 2002 and now lives in California. I love this song, which is probably their most successful.

The Front Lawn - The Beautiful Things (1993)
I hated this song when they first started playing it on television. I'm not sure why, because now I actually like it: with its discordant rhythms, tongue-in-cheek lyrics and general quirkiness.
This comedic and theatrical duo comprise of Don McGlashan and Harry Sinclair.
McGlashan was also responsible for:

The Muttonbirds - Dominion Road (1992)
Dominion Road is in Auckland. Obviously it is worth singing about. More well known songs by this band are "Nature" and "Anchor Me" but I didn't really feel like listening to them again.

Crowded House - Chocolate Cake (1991)
This song always makes me hungry. And takes me back about 20 years. Mmmm, cake. The lyrics area tongue-in-cheek parody of the American's tendency for excess. It was not well received in the US.
The Finn brothers are from New Zealand, however, because the other two members (at this time) were Australians and they formed in Australia, they've been stolen by the Aussies, just like pavlova.

Split Enz  - Message to my Girl (1984)
Before they were in Crowded House, Tim and Neil Finn were in Split Enz. They are probably one of our most successful bands. They are best known for tracks like "Six months in a leaky boat", "I Got You" and "I See Red".

Finn Brothers - Won't Give In (2004)
And Tim and Neil Finn won't give in with the singing - they have endured! This song always makes me feel a bit glum.

There's about 100 more songs I can add here, but I'm bored with playing on youtube at the moment, so I'll add to this list later, perhaps.

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